Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bad Birdies

In the interest of at least attempting to be entertaining, I think I will share another Bus Barn story. Tales from the Bus Barn: it was written and so it shall be.

Anywho, I started my rookie route on a shaky foot. I have stories from that experience, but for now we'll skip it. After shuffling me around a bit they finally found a place for me in SPED driving - special needs.

One time in May I forgot to close my driver's window. I boarded my bus with my mouth open as I surveyed the wreckage. Pigeons had entered my bus and had themselves a par-tay all night long. They pooped all over the place. ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.

Then they brought in some straw and thought they were going to just move on in. Squatters. And the funniest (ha) thing they did was tear up my tissue box. They had shredded tissue all over the bus.

My goodness. What a mess. I couldn't believe it. And this had to have happened for only a few hours because my route ended at about 5 pm... and they roost at night. When I showed up at 6 am for my morning route, they were already gone.

Crazy birds. I had to bring Ryan in to help me scrub off all the poop-a-doop. I scrubbed it off where my kids were going to sit immediately, but some of the backseats were hard to clean off right away. (nobody was to sit there.)


Scott said...

Yuck! Stupid birds! Air rats is all they are.

So I saw you took that pretty picture of you down. :(

And, "Blog Naked"? Are you a nudist? LOL.

cybrpunk said...

That sounds like a pretty crappy situation. I'm guessing that the bus was late that day?

Shannon River said...

Scott - Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I'll let you decide. ;-)

Yeah, I took the picture down... it's kind of a protection measure. I don't want to leave pictures up for indefinite time. :-( Thanks again, you've really made my YEAR by telling me that you think I'm pretty. :-D

Cybr - You so pun-ny.
And actually the bus was only about 5 minutes late, I hauled butt on cleaning that up.