Monday, June 30, 2008


Well gosh. Tomorrow is July 1. *baffled*

I did a group presentation today. I did ok, but not great. The next group has a loud mouth, long winded know-it-all (or he thinks he does) in it. Before he started talking he said "First I'll get to my points then I'll heckle the last group about what they said because I disagree with nearly everything they said."

I'm going "WTH?" The rest of the class was a little shocked too. So we did the mature thing and started writing notes on a paper about him. I said "Let's wait outside for him and kick him in the nuts." Another girl said "Yeah, we can take him, he's a skinny SOB."

It was just such a highly offensive way to say what he said.

He never did call us out for the rumble though. I think we scared him out of it by glaring at him. One girl made a sign saying "We Disagree" that we could hold up if he got too out of hand. (mostly as a joke, but really with her personality I'm sure she would've used it.)

Ugh. People.