Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well crap

You know that comment I talked about in my last post? The one I made in class but biffed up my talk?

Anywho, that comment was given credit to someone else in class today. NUTS. So apparently it was a pretty brilliant comment for the professor to reference it two days later. But someone else got the credit. HOW are they going to give participation points when things like this happen?
*frowny face*

(I suppose I could've/should've made sure the prof knew it was my comment, but there was no graceful way of doing it.)

Also one member of my group keeps falling asleep in class during the films. It's highly irritating. She's the only one too. Everyone else manages to... like... stay awake.

I have to track down my childhood vaccines. Ridiculous. And the county I live in just has to be a pain the ass about it. This will be no fun. No fun at all.

I'm going to end this short whiney post with one music link. This is one of a few I didn't post the other day of Gigi... it's a beautiful song. (check it out quick before they freaking take it down! That is highly annoying.)
Lo Sbaglio (it is by Gigi D'agostino.)


Scott said...

Sorry. Crap is no fun. :-(