Tuesday, June 24, 2008


What a great term. A Hitchcock term for some "invisible driving force" in humans and films but really have no major significance in and of themselves. (quick link) Watched my second Hitch film today... I think I like him the best, but probably because he sounds so similar to my creative styles. A highly planned perfectionist. For instance, in one of his films supposedly only less than 5 seconds had to be cut from the film. I don't know if I can watch any of his horror films... so far I've just seen suspense/thriller from him. Suspense/mystery/thrillers are my novel choices too.

(Ummm, I tried to make a comment in class and today was just not my day. I got my mix all talked up and looked silly. I hate it when that happens. I was also trying to say the word "Foreboding" and I just could not say it.)

I cannot see or stand horror and gore films. CANNOT. I have a highly vivid imagination. I once saw "Nightmare on Elm Street" and I couldn't sleep for a month. I couldn't even use the phone because Freddie's tongue came through one and I had the exact same phone. I developed a habit of sleeping with one had over my belly button and one up by my neck. The belly button reason I can't remember, but the neck one I can. Something about being in a jail cell and a sheet wrapping up around someone's neck while they slept.

UGH. I have to change the subject now. (But of course now all kinds of thoughts are racing through my head.)

Soooo la la la.... Oh, Ryan and I played mini-golf today. It was a perfect night for it. And luckily it wasn't too crowded, although there was a group of 7 teenager boneheads messing around ahead of us. Finally even they got tired of just messing around and decided to... you know... actually play and get it over with already.

I got 6 holes-in-one and, hee hee, 3 honorary ones. I say honorary because yes, I hit the ball too hard so it basically went in the cup but bounced back out. Still, I had 6 definite ones.
Tomorrow we golf for "real" with my dad.

Well, I could babble on about various things, but I shall not. I will end by saying how incredibly sad I am of George Carlin's death. I loved him. I saw him on stage once and I think he is very funny. One of my kinds of wit... very wry, dirty and smart.


Scott said...

Oh, I didn't hear Carlin died. He was a favorite of English teachers everywhere.