Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm a guest "blooger"! Go here to see my brilliance shine. Hahahahaha ;-)

I have to go to school today to do my group project and it looks like it will finally thunderstorm around here. I love thunderstorms and now I may have to miss out on this one because I'll be in the lye-berry. Dammit.

Sadly this is all I have to say for myself at the moment. I have to go research the movie we're doing a project on, North by Northwest. Hitchcock. My first Hitchcock film that I will have seen in full. I need to rent more of Orson Welles movies... I think I might end up being a fan of his.

I never did tell about my first day of school. But here's the part that mattered the most and made it so bad for me that day. Teddy, our gerbil, showed his illness to us Sunday night. He was laboring to breathe. We gave him antibiotics, just in case it could be pneumonia but they didn't help.

Monday morning we woke up and he was still just as bad. I knew we had to make that awful decision to put him to sleep. But alas, I also had school. So I said my goodbye, my prayers and held him and kissed him. Ryan took him to a vet that is 1 mile away. I don't really like them, they overcharge, but he can't drive.

So. There I was, miserable and grieving on my first day of school. Not wanting to be there, not to mention I didn't sleep all night either because I was worried about my gerbil boy. And we watch this Jean Renoir film called The Rules of the Game. In this movie they have a big hunt. And they really do kill these animals on screen. So they're killing birds and rabbits, all the while I'm grieving for my own dear rodent pet.

And there you have basically the gist. The other sucky part was I missed the shuttle bus because the guy left early.


Scott said...

Sorry about the pet. :-(

That guest post you wrote was really good. That stuff has salicyclic acid in it? Wow! That is the same stuff that is in many plantar wart home removal systems.

Shannon River said...

Yeppers. That worked on my plantar wart that I got from the Y about 5 years ago. (ewwww.)
Good stuff.

Isn't it in aspirin too?