Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I got hit by a golf ball on the links today.

It was just a bad situation. There was a huge hill blocking my view of someone teeing off at the adjacent hole, hole 2. We were on hole 9. Anyways, all of the sudden this golf ball comes whizzing at me and grazed my left arm. Well, a little more than grazed, but it didn't slam straight into my left arm. "I was winged!"

The dude said "Didn't you hear me yell 'fore'?" I said "NO. The wind must've carried that away from us." And indeed, the wind was to our backs while this dude was down wind. Besides, the distance was actually a little too short anyway for much reaction time. He only hit about a 25-30 yard shot.

I saw him shaking his head as he headed back to his golf bag... and at first I was a little indignant. He's angry at us because we didn't/couldn't hear him yell "fore"? But I decided to give a benefit of doubt and think instead "He's just shaking his head because he can't believe he hit somebody."

I'm really glad it didn't hit me on the head or face. I looked up and did see it comingrightforus and I managed to duck just a little bit to the right, out of the line of fire.
Hmmmmmm... you know... come to think of it, hubby didn't put himself in front of the ball to take it for me. (lol)

My putting today was all about "awww, so close." As in maybe if I had hit it a little softer it probably would've rolled in as it went by the edge of the cup.