Saturday, June 7, 2008


So this past Thursday we had to hit two doctor's appointments. One at 10:50 and one at 12:30. Worked out pretty well and they really weren't too far from each other. The first one went fine.

Then we went to the second one, the neurologist. And as I half expected, they "lost" our appointment. I sure wish I hadn't left the card on my night table with the receptionist's handwriting on there for the exact date and time. There is only one receptionist, she's there all the time and she is indeed the one who wrote the appointment on the card.

She went through this whole song and dance "Noooo, I don't see you on the appointments. Lemme see if you were on the list I had to call to cancel... Nooooo, I don't see you on that list either."

I hate that. What is up with that? Appointments just disappearing into thin air? Ok, so computers can have their glitches, but when you can't get another appointment for 2 months... it's quite annoying. Our next appointment is in August.

We were there when they lost another appointment time for another couple... Back in December we were in the small waiting room with these two people. Then we saw them again in March, only the receptionist had "lost" their appointment. The lady was highly aggravated, and rightly so. She was kicking up a huge fuss while her hubby was trying to calm her down.

So now it was our turn to just vanish into thin air. I guess we'll just have to call a week or two in advance and make sure we're still on the books. I dunno. I know things happen, I really do. It was just frustrating when the receptionist wrote down the appointment time and then when we show up she's completely baffled at why we were there.
And... we have to wait two more months now to see Ryan's neurologist.


Tonya said...

oh that totally stinks! how does that happen and so often hmm maybe they should get a new person!

Shannon River said...


Yes, I am thinking that way myself. It seems to be a reoccurring situation.