Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome juin

First day of June, huh? Boy oh boy. I can't believe how fast time goes.

So this month means a few things for me. First, my birthday is on the 16th. And I was born at 11:16 am, kinda cool huh? (of course, 0616 would've been really neat.)

But it means the start of school once again. *sigh* I'm kinda sick of homework, ya know? And I have two years staring me in the face. 6 more semesters. But I'll get through it. I start on the 9th. And I will have class on the 16th, of course, drat.

First time at my new college. This will be interesting. I'm a little skeerd.


Scott said...

What college do you go to now? And did you pick a major? And happy birthday in 2 weeks!

Shannon River said...

I'll be going to Colorado University. Giddy up. :-P

Yes, my major is Geography and Environmental Science. I changed it from math, but I need to keep teaching myself math... it'll come in handy.