Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be cool to your school... ha.

I know I've complained about this before, but I'm abouts to do it again, yo.

I had to take out a loan to pay for my summer semester. My total is about $1800 with books and everything. (Not including the $50 parking pass I will probably buy.)

My university has a program with local colleges. For transfer students if you sign up you can either get a "scholarship" for $800 off your first tuition bill. I definitely signed up but they lost my information. It's my fault for not following up, but they still lost it. Gee, wonder why they didn't care to keep on top of the information?

Anyway, it's really hard to not think about this when my summer tuition bill should have only been $1000. I'm out that $800 "scholarship". It just plain sucks out loud.

I'm also having a minor problem with my next textbook. I bought it Monday, payment has already gone through on my credit card... it went through on Tuesday... and I just got an email an hour ago from the seller saying she won't ship it until she has confirmation. And she says my payment status is "pending". DAMMIT ALL.

I really hope the website gets its damn ass together by tomorrow. I need that book by July 5th. This is highly aggravating.


Scott said...

Well did you ask if they can still give you the $800 for NEXT semester?

Shannon River said...

But of course. I have cajoled, pleaded and begged and they will NOT budge. It really super pisses me off. Not even my GPA (which is 3.91) would get them to help me out.

VERY ANNOYING. And it's going to annoy me forever.