Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meander over to the bus

What is with people? I suppose that is the question for all time, actually. But specifically, people at my university. The shuttle bus was just about to pull out. The driver was nice enough to stop and wait... and wait... and wait... as this girl just kinda wandered her pleasant little way through the parking lot over to the bus.

This is the second time that's happened. It's just annoying to see these people taking their sweet time getting to the bus that is more than ready to leave.

I'm halfway through my class now. Only 4 classes left. (2 weeks) Tomorrow I have to go to school to work on my group project. I wish I didn't have to. I'd rather just stay home.

I have to decide something. Should I pay $50 to park in the actual parking lot for my second summer class? This first one will end on July 2. Then my second class begins July... I don't know, but shortly thereafter. It will last for 3 weeks.

It goes 4 days a week and begins at 0815. If I were to take the shuttle bus still, I would have to arrive in that lot for a 0745 departure time. YUCK.

Sooooooo, I have to decide if the $50 is worth it. I think it might be. Maybe if the second class were only a 2 day per week affair, I could put up with it. But seeing as it's 4 days a week, for 3 weeks with an early start time... I think the $50 might be worth it.

Ugh. I hate thinking about giving the university even more of my money, but I think it's worth it. I'll keep thinking about it, but I'm 78.63% sure I'll buy a 3 week parking permit.

Here's one of my birdies doing a Fu Manchu impression: